• breathable and water absorption

    mommy’s best choice and baby’s favorite. take care of the baby’s tender skin, keep skin dry and breathable. can absorb 500ml water, waterproof without side leakage.
  • Cotton Pads Market 2025 : Report Highlights the Competitive Scenario with Impact of Drivers And Challenges

    Global Cotton Pads Market Report is a sweeping compilation of in-depth analysis, factual assessments, and inestimable counsels, extracted after minutely exploring the global Cotton Pads industry. Historic and current market status has been profoundly studied in this report to provide penetrating ...
  • dustproof and fresh breath

    the dust mask is being used for protect our healthy against the dust cause disease, chunxia new tech is a manufacturing with 24 years, always maintaining high quality and excellent costumer service experience. Application fields: outdoor health protection, and our dust mask series has many kinds,...
  • soluble in water fabric

    Guangdong Chunxia new tech co., ltd. is a listed company that combines develops,produce and sells new environmental protection meterials, heath and hygienic products. we have developed a new material, is can be solubled in water at different temperature without residue. it’s can used to pro...
  • water soluble non woven fabric

    Guang dong Chunxia new materials tech co., ltd. Owing to 25years of experiences in design&develop&manufacture products, we also supply the non woven fabric and relevant products. such as mask, magic coin tissue, cosmetic cotton pad,kitchen cloth, soluble in water products. our products ha...
  • High quality cotton pad , magic coin tissue

    CHUNXIA NEW MATERIALS TECH CO.,LTD is a chinese manufacture to specialized in non woven products , such as kitchen cleaning wipes , duster cloths , comestic cotton pad , magic coin tissue , dust mask . High quality with competitive prices
  • Asia-Pacific and LAMEA are expected Higest growth in the coming years due to demand for disposable hygiene products in emerging economies such as China, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and Brazil.

  • How should we choose and use cotton pads?

    Makeup cotton in life we are divided into three categories : 1. Pure cotton material: relatively thick, strong water absorption, soft. Disadvantages: comparison of wastewater; 2. Non-woven fabric material: lightweight and water-saving. Disadvantages: face friction, not soft enough, not suitable f...
  • Chunxia Company on 124th Canton Fair

    31th Oct to 4th Nov ,2018 . Guangdong Chunxia New Materials Tech Co.,Ltd appearance on Canton Fair . Our products attract many customers , they are interested in our new products : Non woven hygienic materials , Spunlace , Spunbond , Needle punched . Dust make , baby diapers , facial mask , SMS m...
  • Ọrụ n'èzí-eme

    May 16, 2018, anyị ụlọ ọrụ ẹkenịmde n'èzí ọrụ ike oghere, na-ekpori ọṅụ ada site sports mpi na activity.It bụghị nanị na-enye n'ozuzu mkpara na ohere na-ekwurịta okwu ọ bụla ọzọ na-eme enyi, ma enriches ụlọ ọrụ omenala const ...
  • CHUNXIA NEW TACH Edepụtara Group ẹkenịmde a ọzụzụ pụrụ iche nzukọ ọmụmụ maka agadi uloru

          June 6, 2018 n'ehihie, a pụrụ iche okwu ihu ọha nke Liang Peixuan si "na-gị onwe gị na mmetụta uche nchịkwa" Ẹkenịm, na ngalaba dị iche iche keere òkè na activity.This echiche ike nkuzi bụ a na ndụ uru maka anyị, n'ihi na mmetụta uche-eso ndụ anyị, na-emetụta anyị w ...

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