How should we choose and use cotton pads?

Makeup cotton in life we are divided into three categories :

1. Pure cotton material: relatively thick, strong water absorption, soft.

Disadvantages: comparison of wastewater;

2. Non-woven fabric material: lightweight and water-saving.

Disadvantages: face friction, not soft enough, not suitable for sensitive muscles;

3. Mixed materials (pure cotton + non-woven fabric/others): pure cotton inside and non-woven fabric/others outside.

Advantages: take into account the advantages of the first two kinds of cotton makeup, water saving, soft.

Disadvantages: highest unit price;

What about different cotton pads?The following are several cases to discuss.

1. The discharge makeup
Because of the need to repeatedly wipe, recommend the use of pure cotton makeup cotton or mixed material makeup cotton (adequate budget), to reduce the damage to the skin cotton skin.

2. Apply toner or a second cleanse
If the skin is sensitive, suggest the way of hand clap.If skin care pads are used, it is recommended to mix makeup pads and apply pressure using a toner.In the same way, the second cleaning water, do the second use of cotton makeup is also recommended to use non-woven cotton makeup or mixed makeup cotton.Sensitive skin does not suggest two times cleanness!

3. Wet compress
It is recommended to use non – woven cotton cosmetic cotton or non – edge cotton cosmetic cotton.

4. The scratches the emulsion
It is recommended to use which kind of thicker pure cotton cotton makeup cotton or mixed material makeup cotton.A few feel more massiness is oily latex, with protect skin cotton wipe can have the effect that think less of unexpectedly.

Post time: Jan-15-2019


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